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  • We invite special session chairs who have published papers at top journals, for example, JOItmC, Knowledge Management Research &Practice, Sustainability and etc. +α
  • All special session papers' titles and author names should be announced until the end ofSeptember 2017 by special session chairs including his own and colleages'.
  • Special Session Requirement:

    All papers (each special session has 5 ~ 6 papers) should be presented at 2017 SOItmC 2nd International seminar (online presentation is possible). Expanded abstracts of papers (with 2000 words or 10-15 pages PPT) should be submitted until December 5(Tue.) and presented at December 8(Fri.). All special session chairs (authors) should present each paper in 5 minutes. And, we require special session chairs and special issue paper authors to prepare top quality papers to pass the peer review process of SSCI special issues and JOItmC special issue process.
  • Special Session Advantage:

    We will recommend top 3 papers(2 papers for SSCI special issue shooting, 1 paper for JOItmC special issue shooting). The paper which is recommended at JOItmC would be awarded by “Best Paper Award” and will be invited as a book chapter.
  • All special session chairs and authors should upload full and finished papers at SOItmC 2018 Conference platform until 31th May, 2018.
  • All special session chairs and authors will present papers(We suggest that three papers for oral presentation and two papers for poster presentation).