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Special Session 1.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Lih-ren Li(National Taichung University of Science and Technology)
  • Theme: Industrial Alliance and Open Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Yuri Sadoi): Open Innovation business model of the Japanese automobile industry
    • 2. (Wu Chia Chen): The current issues in Japanese IoT consumer electronics product strategy and smart city development
    • 3. (Kuan-Ju Lin, Yahn-Shir Chen): Promotion of Industrial Alliance Between Taiwan and Japan: Cases in Tokai Region
    • 4. (Lih-ren Li): Lean Smart Manufacturing in Taiwan -Focusing on the Bicycle Industry-
    • 5. (Sergei SHAPOSHNIKOV): Impact of Social Robots on Society and Economy in Japan

Special Session 2.

  • Chair: Yoshi Takahashi(Hiroshima University, Japan)
  • Theme: Training of Trainers for Industrial Human Resource Development
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Yuri Sadoi, Takeshi Arai and Ye Tun Min): Training transfer for banking industry in Myanmar
    • 2. (Aung Kyaw and KhinSandar Thein): Training of lecturers for a MBA course
    • 3. (Than Than Aung and Mon MonOo): Training of trainers for Myanmar-Japan Center for Human Resource Development
    • 4. (Nu Nu Mai and Yoshi Takahashi): Post-training intervention and learning transfer: an NGO case
    • 5. (Yoshi Takahashi and Nu Nu Mai): Trainings of trainers: a systematic literature review

Special Session 3.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)
  • Theme: IoT Innovation cases in Japanese companies
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Yusuke Tanaka): IoT cases in JTECT
    • 2. (Ye Tun Min): Challenges of Governmental Policy Changes In Myanmar Higher Education Development
    • 3. (Makoto Kawada): Creating Flow for the Shorter Lead Time-SCCC to Support “Productivity Revolution”
    • 4. (Katsunobu Motoda, Kentaro Ono Miyama, Koya Nabeno, Takuya Iwamoto, Rikuya Mizuno, Wu Jun, Satoshi Hosokawa & Yusuke Tanaka): Social Innovation by Japanese university students and alumni networks
    • 5. (Kenji Kishida): Analytical method of the impact of delay of internal process flow on corporate profit and cash flow

Special Session 4.(Confirm)

  • Chairs: Anil K. Gupta & Anamika R. Dey(Indian Institute of Management, India)
  • Theme: Sharing Economy of India
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Vijayaet al.): An open source database of innovations by school teachers
    • 2. (Anamaika R Dey): Innovations in climate resilience in the wake of climate change and has embarked upon community innovation, food and nutrition lab at GIAN
    • 3. (Catherine Hoppers): Indigenous knowledge systems, science and society: Enlarging the meya-sognition in policy and practice
    • 4. (Yoslan Nur): Innovation agenda at UNESCO
    • 5. (Nurul ALam): Survival innovations in Bangladesh in marginal regions
    • 6. (Suleman Okech): Chinatown of SRISTI and others in south-south tech transfer based on farmers'innovations
    • 7. (Vipin Kumar): New global benchmarks in tech licensing from grassroots level as well as in building value chian around grassroots innovations

Special Session 5.(Confirm)

  • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun(Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: Dominant Design and Crowd Open Innovation in Sharing Economy
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao, KyungBae Park, Yuri Sadoi): Dominant Design, and Evolution of Electronic Bicycle-Comparative analysis of 3 cases, Daegu, South Korea, Naples, Italy, and Nagoya, Japan
    • 2. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Jinxi Wu, Xiaofei Zhao*, John C. Yi, KyungBae Park): Business model and open innovation of car sharing industry-Diversity among Uber of US, DiDi Chuxing OF China, and Kakao T of Korea
    • 3. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao, KyungBae Park): Open Innovation Ecosystem of Restuarants-Comparative case study of successful restaurants of Italy, South Korea and North Korea 
    • 4. (Xiaofei Zhao, JinHyo Joseph Yun*): Open Innovation Culture and it's Cycle
    • 5. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Euiseob Jeong*, Kim KyungHun, SeungDeuk Hahm): The collective Intelligence and Open Innovation-Comparative analysis of automotive and Pharmaceuticals Industries of Korea
    • 6. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, KyungBae Park): The Way to Entrepreneurial State: Sustainable Dynamics of Open Innovation with Basic Income, Permission-less Innovation, High capital Fluidity, and Sharing Economy

Special Session 6.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Ying-Che Hsieh(National Tsing Hua University)
  • Theme: Social Innovation and Social Enterprise
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Jingjing WENG*, Frances Wu, Ying-Che HSIEH) Graduates’ career choice towards social enterprises and NPOs
    • 2. (Li-Hsiang YI, Ying-Che HSIEH) Investigate how social innovation been delivered through social enterprises
    • 3. (Ching-Hui TANG, Ying-Che HSIEH) Is social innovation a better way to do CSR?
    • 4. (Li-Chun KUNG, Ying-Che HSIEH) The study of social entrepreneurial teams
    • 5. (Tzu-Ning KUO; Ying-Che HSIEH) How do social entrepreneurs develop their economic values?

Special Session 7.(Confirm)

  • Chairs: Yang Cheng(Aalborg University, Denmark) &Ben Zhang(Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China)
  • Theme: Global Digital Innovation and Intellectual Property
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Tao Huang, Yang Cheng, John Johansen&Lei Ma): The relationship between headquarters and subsidiaries and its impact on global innovation performance
    • 2. (Xinyue Zhou, Yang Cheng, Lei Ma& Olav Sørensen): Knowledge transfer from Chinese MNEs’ foreign subsidiaries to Headquarter: An explorative study
    • 3. (Ben Zhang&Lei Ma): Knowledge Diffusion Path Generated by Technological Collaborators: The Exploratory Case of the Advanced Coal Technology Consortium
    • 4. (Haibo Hu, Haitao Lu, Chunbing Mao&Meiju Fei): Research on the Process of Resource Bricolage and Organizing Improvisation in IT Innovation: A Case Study of Baida Zhongxing
    • 5. (Xiu-Fang Song): Network public opinion monitoring and guidance for major drug safety events: a case study of the Longevity Biological Vaccine
    • 6. (Dandan Yan, Zheng Liu & JinYu Cai): Research on the construction of public service platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities
    • 7. (Xiaojing Huang): Research on Regional Collaborative Innovation Platform Based on platform theory——With Nanning high tech Industrial Development Zone

Special Session 8.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Theme: Innovation Diversity for Emerging Economics
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (?irjevskis, Andrejs & Felker, Yves M. ):What Dynamic Managerial Capabilities Are Needed for Greater Strategic Alliance Performance in IT Industry?
    • 2. (Eremina, Yulia; Lace, Natalja; Bistrova, Julija): Digital Maturity and Corporate Performance: Case of Baltic States
    • 3. (Eremina, Yulia; Lace, Natalja): Integration of Distributed Ledger Technology into Financial Sector of Latvija: Scenarios Evaluation
    • 4. (Oganisjana, Karine & Kozlovskis, Konstantins): Identification of opportunities for innovations through collecting problems from citizens
    • 5. (Mjakuskina, Svetlana, Kavosa, Maija, Lapina, Inga): Achieving of Sustainability in Construction Supervision Process

Special Session 9.

  • Chair: Petra Ahrweiler(Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany)
  • Theme: Innovation Management Modelling
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Demian Frank, Michel Schilperoord & Petra Ahrweiler):An entrepreneurship and tech-transfer tool in silico: Combining an AI system on management advice with an agent-based simulation of innovation networks
    • 2. (Michael Fritsch &Muhamed Kudic):Who or what keeps the network together - explaining the co-existence of micro fluidity and macro stability in Laser industry inventor networks
    • 3. (Bernd Ebersberger & Udo Mueller): Open innovation and simulation in life-science startups
    • 4. (Claudio Feijoo & Gianluca Misuraca):The future of AI in Europe: learning from China towards mission-oriented social innovation strategies
    • 5. (Zhang Yufei & Ye Qin): The role of large-scale scientific facilities in innovation networks: Using social network analysis and agent-based modelling for a case study of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Park

Special Session 10.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)
  • Theme: Sustainable System Development for Economics, Social Value, and Green Innovations
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Min-Ren Yan & Kuo-Ming Chien): The cross-nation ecosystem facilitating technological innovations and business economics—A case study of science parks in Taiwan and Japan
    • 2. (Min-Ren Yan & Lanni Chi): Towards a city-based public-private partnership ecosystem with business and urban development—A case study of Kaohsiung Dome
    • 3. (Haiyan Chang): Fostering Collaborative Governance in Higher Education: a Theoretical Framework
    • 4. (Min-Ren Yan & Jui-Chen Wang): Exploring business models as ecosystem supporting international art fairs—A case study of art revolution Taipei
    • 5. (Yung Chang PAO): The AI training mode of Semiconductor industry-by hotel conference and exhibition

Special Session 11.(Confirm)

  • Chairs: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)& Li Kun(NanJing Audit University, China)
  • Theme: Open Innovation, Business Model Development, and Strategic Management
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Min-Ren Yan & Wang Shu Mei): Dynamic decision model for entrepreneurial innovations and market development strategies in Pharmaceutical industry
    • 2. (Min-Ren Yan & Hsien Jung Lee): A system dynamics model for cloud service innovations with high technology skin analysis and applications
    • 3. (Min-Ren Yan & Pei-Ling Liu): A comparative study on the business models of post-natal nursing institutions in Taiwan and China
    • 4. (Min-Ren Yan & Chao Wei Wong): Integrating balanced score card and system dynamics models for strategic planning: A case study of semiconductor foundry companies
    • 5. (Li Kun): Research on evolution and consisting of platform business model based on structured user resource

Special Session 12.(Confirm)

  • Chairs:  Lei Ma(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China) & Zheng Liu(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China & Univ. of South Wales, U.K.)
  • Theme: Innovation ecosystem and policy
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Lei Ma, Ben Zhang*, Xiaojing Huang, Zheng Liu, Tao Li & Xin Liu): The innovation ecosystem formation mechanism of intellectual property operation based on Internet: an exploratory case study based on China-University Intellectual Property Operation Platform
    • 2. (Tao Li, Lei Ma*, Ben Zhang & Zheng Liu): Study on game actions from consensus mechanisms in cryptocurrency and in blockchains – abstraction, metaphor and open innovation
    • 3. (Ben Zhang, Lei Ma, Fuxin Wang, Minghan Sun&Hua Wang): The patent risk evaluation within international trade based on the analytic hierarchy process
    • 4. (Zheng Liu, Geum Young Min & Victoria Stephens): Exploring innovation ecosystem from the perspective of sustainability: towards a conceptual framework
    • 5. (Sun Ying): The change of China government's role in the development of government WeChat: Case study of NanJing city
    • 6. (Quanqi Zhang): Innovation of China government service website based on 'Internet Plus': case study of Zhenjiang City

Special Session 13.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Park Hang Sik(Eulji University, Korea)
  • Theme: How to respond to dynamic social change through education
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Eun-Joo Kim, Hang-Sik Park): A comparative Study of Moodle-based Education Model for Improving Creativity
    • 2. (Eun-Joo Kim, Hang-Sik Park): The effect of convergence ability of industrial workers on team creativity
    • 3. (Kyu-Ok Shin, Na-GyeongYeom, Hang-Sik Park): A Study on the Online Esthetic Education for Improvement of the Elderly’s Happiness Index
    • 4. (Jung-Un Jang): A Study on the Academic among the binocular dysfunctions using VR Reality

Special Session 14.(Confirm)

  • Chair: Sang Ok Choi (Korea University, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation effect by the 4 th industrial revolution
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (SeungHoojin, SangOk Choi): How the IT Investment and Innovation Factors Affect the Business Performance of the Company
    • 2. (GyeongMin Nam, SangOk Choi): How University-Industry Cooperation Changes Local Society and Economy?
    • 3. (HyunJee Park, SangOk Choi): Digital Innovation, Adoption and Impact in Global Context
    • 4. (SeungHoojin, SangOk Choi): The effect of R&D investment on Technology value : A comparative analysis of the Electronics, Automobile, and IT Service industries of Korea
    • 5. (GyeongMin Nam, SangOk Choi): The Effect of Organizational Culture on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction

Special Session 15.

  • Chairs: Antonio K.W. Lau(Kyung Hee University, Korea) &Kaihua Chen(University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • Theme: Innovation systems in China, Korea and Japan
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Deyun Yin & Jianwei Dang): Inventors' Mobility in China: Patterns and Impacts
    • 2. (Melanie Huang, G.S. Shin & Antonio K.W. Lau): eijing as an innovation system: a case study of software industry
    • 3. (Wei Huang & Antonio K.W. Lau): Tokyo as an innovation system: a case of gaming industry
    • 4. (Antonio K.W. Lau): Diversity and innovation: an empirical study in South Korea
    • 5. (Kaihua Chen, Yuchen Li & Antonio K.W.Lau): Measuring national innovation force: An analytical framework oriented to innovation value chain

Special Session 16.

  • Chairs: Chih cheng Lo(National Changhua University of Education) & Chunhsien Wang(National Chiayi University)
  • Theme: Environmental innovation and executive communication
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Wang, Chunhsien): The roles of business ties and political ties in open innovation: evidence from Emerging China
    • 2. (Chang, Ching-Hsing): Managerial compensation and environmental innovation
    • 3. (Chen, Min-Nan): Open innovation in informal economy: the case of Shenzhen mobile phone industry
    • 4. (Lo, Chih-Cheng; Jane, Chen; Chang, Josephine): The study on the impact of digital marketing on industrial brand reputation
    • 5. (Lo, Chih-Cheng; Claire, Wang; Peng, Hsiao-Yun): The effect of patent retrieval behavior on market awareness of academic entrepreneurs in the technical and vocational colleges and universities

Special Session 17.

  • Chair: MyungSik Do(Hanbat National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Urban Management
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Seunghyun Choi et al): Development of pavement deterioration model based on machine learning method
    • 2. (Myungsik Do et al.): The potential of UAV-based urban management
    • 3. (Seungki Ryu et al.): Development of visual inspection system for detecting pothole
    • 4. (Junghwan Chae et al.): Application of UAV-based termal imaging to estimate vegetation index
    • 5. (Daeseok Han et al.): Development and application of Infrastructure asset management

Special Session 18.

  • Chair: Jinxi Wu(Tsinghua University, China)
  • Theme: Sustainable transition of industrial ecosystems: the experience from China
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Xinwei YE, Lei Ma, Jinxi Wu, Yang CHENG, Junwen FENG): Technology Habitual Domain and Sustainable Innovation: Case Study of a Chinese High-tech Enterprise
    • 2. (Jiang Wang, Lijuan Wang): A Total Energy-environmental Model with Technical Learning and Its Experimental Sample
    • 3. (Jinxi Wu): The development of Biomass energy ecosystem-Two cases from China
    • 4. (Wei Cong, Lin Hou, Lei Shi): Eco-transition of the textile industrial cluster: insight from the network perspective
    • 5. (Rubing Ge, Wei Cong, Lin Hou, Lei Shi): Environmental potentials of best available techniques - the case of some key industrial sectors in China
    • 6. (Guopeng Xiang. Hongshi Zhou): The components and operative mechanism of entrepreneurial ecosystem dominated by core firm: Evidences from characteristic town in China

Special Session 19.

  • Chair: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea)
  • Theme: Efficiency Issues from the Open Innovation Perspective
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Byung Yong Hwang*, Heung Deug Hong, DaeCheol Kim): A Study on the Improvement of Operational Efficiency of Public R&D Management Agencies in South Korea
    • 2. (UlugbekKirghizov, Huang Pan, ChoonjongKwak): A hybrid approach to new product development
    • 3. (Meehyang Chang*, Jung-Hoon Kim, DaeCheol Kim*): The Effects of Online Consumer Review Characteristics on Tourism Attitude
    • 4. (Eun-song Bae, DaeCheol Kim*): Analysis of the efficiency of national R & D information utilization in South Korea
    • 5. (JoongHoonKo, DaeCheol Kim*): Analysis on Topic Trends and Topic Modeling of Open Innovation Using Text Mining

Special Session 20.

  • Chair: Sunah Kim(Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: Co-creation design
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Taesun Kim): Personal Mobility Design Strategies for Active Senior by Lifestyles of the Elderly
    • 2. (Jeongho Koo, Suhyun Baek&Sunah Kim*): Creating Shared Value and Personal Attitude Determinant
    • 3. (Youngok Jeon* &Sinae Jung): Public Service Design Strategy based on Open Innovation Platform: Focusing on the Citizen-sympathetic Bus Stop Development Project of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
    • 4. (Hojong Choi&Jae-MyungRyu*): A novel head-mount-display systems constructed with a prism using an aspherical surface for surgical operations

Special Session 21.

  • Chair: Eui-Seob Jeong(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea)
  • Theme: Open innovation analysis
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Kisoon Shin, Kwangsoo Shin & Eungdo Kim*): Is Korea building a sustainable innovation system?
    • 2. (Eungdo Kim &KwangsooShin): The influence of R&D collaboration structure on open innovation performance in bio-pharmaceutical industry - focus on inter-organizational implementation
    • 3. (Seungmin Kim & Eungdo Kim): How innovation capacities affect firm performance in pharmaceutical industry: Focus on capability based framework for open innovation
    • 4. (EuiSeob Jeong & SangWoo Kim): The impact of open innovation on patent registration fees
    • 5. (EuiSeob Jeong & SangWoo Kim): Investment Trends in Intelligent Robots in Korea

Special Session 22.

  • Chair: MinHwa Lee(KCERN, Korea)
  • Theme: 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Aesun Kim &Minhwa Lee*): A virtuous circle job model of 4th Industrial revolution
    • 2. (Kangjin Ju &Minhwa Lee*): 4th Industrial revolution and Smart revolution
    • 3. (Yeji Yoon&Minhwa Lee*): Self-organizing Smart City 4.0 model based on urban evolution
    • 4. (Yeji Kim&Minhwa Lee*): Unified Model of Sharing Economy and National Strategy
    • 5. (Achim Jang&Minhwa Lee*): Internal marketization of corporate organization in the 4th industrial revolution

Special Session 23.

  • Chairs: Junghyun Yoon(Yeungnam University, Korea) & Sanghyun Sung(POSTECH, Korea)
  • Theme: What are the factors improving organizational performance?: Enterpreneurial, Innovative, Knowledge Management Perspectives
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. The Role of Network in Improving Performance: Based on the Service Firms
    • 2. Relationships between Process Innovation and Financial Performance
    • 3. What are the Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Business Process?
    • 4. The Type of Leadership that Can Improve Team Performance
    • 5. The Meta Analysis of Studies on Entrerpreneurship and Firm Performance

Special Session 24.

  • Chair: KwangHo Jung(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Collaboration, Trust, Public Motivation, Trend setting and Attitude toward Innovation and New Technology
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Kwangho Jung & Hyue-Su Ha): Public Service Motivation and Innovative Capacities in the Ministry of SMEs Startups (MSS) of South Korea
    • 2. (Seung-Hee Lee & Jane Workman): Emerging Issues on Digital Fashion Technologies and Consumer Behaviors
    • 3. (Sabinne Lee & Kwangho Jung): How Does Electronic Process Reduce Administrative Costs? EBT Case of the U.S. Food Stamp
    • 4. (Eunhyeong Park & Kwangho Jung): Public Service Motivation and Creativity in Public Agencies for SMEs and Startups: Bureaucratization Matters
    • 5. (JongHwan Eun): Innovation of Personnel Management Practices of Military Manpower Administration in the Republic of Korea: Affirmative Action of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity
    • 6. (Seung-Hee Lee, Jane Workman& Kwangho Jung): Time Perception and Public Service Motivation: Comparing College Students in China, South Korea, and U.S.

Special Session 25.

  • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(EwhaWomans University, Korea)
  • Theme: Resilience Towards Sustainability
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Sangdon Lee and Jiyoung Choi): Evaluation for Alternatives of Land Use Plan in the Process of Climate Change Adaptation
    • 2. (Sangdon Lee): Conservation plan of Eco-park in Seoul with the habitat suitability model for Korean waterdeer
    • 3. (Sangdon Lee and Jiyoung Choi): The importance of carbon sequestration for Greenbelt region in the city of Seoul
    • 4. (Sangdon Lee and Minkyung Kim): Cimate change and the migraory timing of bean geese in Korea
    • 5. (Sangdon Lee and Eunmi Kim): Conservation plan of urban ecological park in Seoul

Special Session 26.

  • Chairs: Chang-Soo Sung (Dongguk University, Korea) & Joo Yeon Park(Yongsei University, Korea)
  • Theme: Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Daesoo Choi, Chung-Gyu Byun, Kyung Hee Jung, Chang Soo Sung & Joo Y. Park): The Effects of Technology Entrepreneurship on Employment Change: Focusing on qualitative aspects of employment
    • 2. (Chung-Gyu Byun, Chang Soo Sung & Joo Y. Park): Effect analysis of short-term entrepreneurship education program: Focusing on moderate effects of Kolb’s learning style
    • 3. (Hanjun Cho, Chang Soo Sung & Joo Y. Park): The Effect of Equity-based Crowdfunding Investment on the Corporate Management Performance and Job Creation
    • 4. (Yu Shin Kim, Chang Soo Sung & Joo Y. Park): A Study on the Effects of Entrepreneurship Education on occupational choice : Mediating effect of Bricolage
    • 5. (Hyun Kyu Lee, Chang Soo Sung & Joo Y. Park): Relationship between Potential Entrepreneurs' Perception and Entrepreneurial Intention

Special Session 27.

  • Chair: Jeonghwan Lee(Myongji University, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation and Convergence
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Jeonghwan Lee): A Study on Determinants of Technology Convergence in Korean Companies and Public Research Institutes
    • 2. (Maeng, Cheol-Kyu): An Empirical Study on the Influence of Korea's Regional Balanced Development Policy on Competitiveness of SMEs
    • 3. (Jinju Lee): The Impact of Multimarket Competition on Innovation Strategy: A Case Study of the Korean Game Companies in Japan and China
    • 4. (Injong Lim): A Study on the Activation Plan of the Convergence Research: Focused on the HRD for Transferable Skill of Advanced S&T Manpower
    • 5. (Jung Hyun Kim): Samsung Electronics' Transition in M&A Strategy and its Implication through Harman International Cases

Special Session 28.

  • Chairs: JungHee Han(HongIk University, Korea)&ChangHwan Shin(Kyungpook National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Does Smartcities become new growth engine of future living?
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Junghee Han): Platform business models for smart cities; from value creation from public using loT
    • 2. (Junghee Han): Evolution of smart cities with a focus on development process; Sei Jong Haengbok city in Korea
    • 3. (Junghee Han): The value of Smart cities in business model innovation aspects; remote medical services
    • 4. (ChangHwan Shin): The type of social entrepreneurship and the performance of social enterprise

Special Session 29.

  • Chair: SunYoung Park(KonKuk University, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Management of Technology I
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Minseo Ki, Sun-Young Park* &Hyesu Park): The Gap of the Technology Commercialization Process of Digital Innovative Technology : Focusing on the Gap in the Stakeholder and Technology-Market Transfer Process
    • 2. (Dae-youn Hwang, Yeong-whaSawng* &Sun-Young Park): A Study on the Effect of Using Innovation Methodology on Innovation DNA Development and Corporate Performance
    • 3. (Tae Nyeun Kim, Yeong-whaSawng* &Sun-Young Park): A Study on Investment Decision-making Factors of Informal Investors for Start-up Investment
    • 4. (Hyun-ji Kim, Sun-Young Park* &Won-IL Joh): A study on Technology Development Performance and Technology Commercialization according to Technology Development Capacity of SMEs Focusing on comparative Analysis Technology Business Groups
    • 5. (Dong-Il Shin, DaeSoo Kim* & Sun-Young Park): Determinants of Innovation in the Internet of Things SMEs

Special Session 30.

  • Chair: Jinhyung Kim(ETAS, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Management of Technology Ⅱ
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Myung-Joong Kim, Sun-Young Park* &Won-IL Joh): A Study on the Customer Churning Behavior according to the Market Maturity of Innovative Convergence Service : Focusing on the IPTV service.
    • 2. (Jinhyung Kim, Sun-Young Park* &Minseo Kim): An empirical study on the obstacle factors affecting R&D outsourcing on a basis of Innovation Resistance Model: Focus on the Automotive R&D in Korea
    • 3. (Kihoon Woo, Sun-Young Park* & Hyun-ji Kim): The case of Manufacturing Innovation in Changwon Industrial Complex : Focusing on the Smart Factory
    • 4. (Dong-Hoon Oh&Sun-Young Park*):The Important Factors on Strategy for Making Smart City
    • 5. (Bongkyu Song, Sun-Young Park* & Junyoung An): When does corporate venture capital add value for

Special Session 31.

  • Chair: Eungdo Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Dynamic of Open innovation in Biomedical Industry#1
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Kwangsoo Shin, Yejin Lee & EungdoKim): The effects of acquirer’s firm’s capability and dyadic knowledge characteristics on the acquirer’s technological innovation performance in M&A: A case of biopharmaceutical industry
    • 2. (Jimin Choi, Eungdo Kim & KwangsooShin*): Factors affecting merger and acquisition performance in pharmaceutical industry
    • 3. (Kwangsoo Shin & EungdoKim*): How does characteristics of target’s knowledge-base affect to technological innovation performance of acquirer? A case of biopharmaceutical industry
    • 4. (Kwangsoo Shin & Eungdo Kim*): How does cluster location affect to technological innovation performance? The case of companies in US biopharmaceutical industry
    • 5. (Sunmi Jung, Eungdo Kim & KwangsooShin*): The Influence of Government R&D Investment on Innovation performance of Korean Pharmaceutical Firms

Special Session 32.

  • Chair: Kwangsoo Shin(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Dynamic of Open innovation in Biomedical Industry #2
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Juhuck Park, KwangsooShin & EungdoKim*): Developing evaluation Framework for optimal medical device selection
    • 2. (Jiyoon Chang, Namjun Cha, Junseok Hwang & SungdoJung*): The impact of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) on Media companies’ survival and growth – Perspective on dynamics of Media convergence
    • 3. (Nahmryune Cho, Kwangsoo Shin & EungdoKim*): How pipeline management affects on innovation performance in pharmaceutical industry
    • 4. (Hyejae Jung & EungdoKim*): How to overcome uncertainty? : Impact of firm-level uncertainty on firm’s alliance portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry
    • 5. (Hongbum Kim & EungdoKim*): The impact of cluster’s open innovation types on RIS productivity: Case study of US pharmaceutical companies

Special Session 33.

  • Chair: Tae-Eung Sung(Yonsei University, Korea)
  • Theme: Technology Valuation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Ingyu Lee, Kwangsoo Shin & Eungdo Kim*): Factors affecting Outbound Open Innovation Performance in Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry- Focus on Out-Licensing Deals
    • 2. (Byunghoon Kim* & Sun-Hi Yoo): Estimating Technology Lifetime based on Generalized Probabilistic Model
    • 3. (Insu Lee &Eungdo Kim*): Factors Affecting the Outbound Innovation Strategies: Focused on the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • 4. (JongHak Woo, Tae-Eung Sung, Jongtaik Lee, Jeong Hee Lee, Kwangsoo Shin & Eungdo Kim*): Development of rNPV(risk-adjusted Net Present Value) Technology Valuation Improvement model in Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
    • 5. (Tae-Eung Sung, Eungdo Kim, Kwangsoo Shin & Jongtaik Lee*): Study on the Prediction of Economic Lifetime for Converging multi-component technology and its Application to Practical Cases for Technology Valuation

Special Session 34.

  • Chair: Junic Kim(KonKuk University, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation Management and Strategy
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Chooyeon Kim & Jaewook Yoo): Multi Contextual Ambidexterity and Balance in Innovation
    • 2. (Chooyeon Kim, Jaewook Yoo & Jihong Min): Ownership Structure, Innovation Strategy, and the Performance of Korean Firms
    • 3. (Yuhan Liu & Jaewook Yoo): Intangible Resources and Internationalizaton for the Innovation Performance: An Empirical Evidece from Chinese Organizations
    • 4. (Junic Kim & Jieun Shin): What is the Difference Between Blockchain and Digital Platform?
    • 5. (Jieun Shin & Junic Kim ): Social Learning in Healthcare Innovation

Special Session 35.

  • Chair: DooSeok Lee (DGIST, Korea)
  • Theme: Second IT Revolution and University Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (DooSeok Lee): Deep machine learning for Human deep learning
    • 2. (YongSeob Lim, Gyeung Ho Choi): Development of Machine Learning-based Integrated Control Algorithm for Intelligent Agricultural Vehicles
    • 3. (HeungjuAhn): How to use the research topics in undergraduate study
    • 4. (June-Seok Lee): Technoscience in the Semi-periphery: Geopolitics of Innovative Lab and the Post-catchup Neuroscience
    • 5. (Jong Rae Park): Education for design thinking

Special Session 36.

  • Chairs: Eungdo Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea) & KwangsooShin(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Dynamic of Open innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hanee Ryu*): What factors are barriers to open innovation in electricity industry? : Lessons from European utilities’ CVC strategies
    • 2. (Jung-Min Yun; Minsun Kim; Hongbum Kim*): Development of product improvement framework : A case of user driven innovation in smart safety living lab
    • 3. (Namjun Cha*; Eungdo Kim,  Junseok Hwang & Hosoo Cho): How to create collective intelligence for successful open innovation
    • 4. (Hongbum Kim & Eungdo Kim*): The efficient collaboration strategy of US Pharmaceutical Companies in regional innovation system
    • 5. ((Hongbum Kim & Eungdo Kim*): The impact of social capital on US pharmaceutical innovation cluster performance

Special Session 37.

  • Chair: DongwookKim(Seoul National Univeristy, Korea)
  • Theme:Opportunities and Challenges of Public Sector in the Intelligent Society
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Choong-Sik Chung): A Comparative Study of Digital Government Policies between Korea and USA-Focusing on comparison of E-Government Act between Korea and USA -
    • 2. (Daesung Jun): Big Data and Citizen-Centric Smart Cities: The case of Namyangju City in Korea
    • 3. (Eunmi Lee): Paradox of Long Tail Effect in Smart City: Analyzing citizen complaints
    • 4. (Sung-Bou Kim, Eunhyung Park, Dongwook Kim): How can governments facilitate growth in the private sector? An empirical study of government support and firms' innovation performance in Korea
    • 5. (Jung Chul Lee, Dongwook Kim, Eunmi Lee): Detecting themes of public concern: focus on immigration policy by text mining analysis

Special Session 38.

  • Chair: Norihiro Nishimura(Mie University Regional Area Strategy Center, Japan)
  • Theme: Regional innovation to resolve regional challenges
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Norihiro Nishimura): Graduate school education for regional innovation
    • 2. (Kazumasa Igura): Regional innovation by a public health nurse who started business in Japan
    • 3. (Daisei Okayama): Regional innovation by practical method to the local situation
    • 4. (Yahn-Shir Chen&Kuan-Ju Lin): Indirect effects of regulation on audit firms in Taiwan
    • 5. (Haruki Odajima&Norihiro Nishimura): Regional innovation by new type leapfrogging

Special Session 39.

  • Chair: Weian Li(Nankai University & Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China)
  • Theme: Green Governance
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Weian Li, Guangyao Cui, Minna Zheng*, Yaowei Zhang): Green governance responsibility and investors reaction
    • 2. (Runhui Lin, Yuan Gui, Lun Wang, Biting Li): Green governance: connation and block chain based implementation
    • 3. (Yongzhen Xie, Feiran Dong): Opening the ‘black box’: The mechanism and effects of board power hierarchy to green governance performance??based on the moderating effect of corporate purpose
    • 4. (Jingjing Li, Yongjian Li and Ying Ye): Research on product design governance mechanism of sustainable transformation
    • 5. (Longzheng Du, Xinyu Guo): Does open trade increase China's carbon emissions?
    • 6. (Lidong Wu, Yana Zhou): Bank governance,media coverage and green credit

Special Session 40.

  • Chair: Makiko Takeda(Aichi Gakuin University, Japan)
  • Theme: Initiatives for Multiculturalism and Ethnic Diversity: Grassroots Innovation and International Collaboration
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Makiko Takeda): Promotion of Ethnic Pluralism through Multilingual Education in Myanmar: Changes from Classroom
    • 2. (ChoseinYamahata): Diversity as Positive Asset in Democratizing and Developing Burma/Myanmar
    • 3. (MyatThetThitsar): Innovation in In-group Socializing and Social Cohesion: Peacebuilding in Myanmar
    • 4. (Dan Seng Lawn ): Multiple State-Building Processes in Myanmar
    • 5. (VO THI ANH DINH ): Health Risk Analysis of Children in HiepDuc and Que Son Villages: From Human Security Viewpoint

Special Session 41.

  • Chair: ChoseinYamahata(Aichi Gakuin University, Japan)
  • Theme: The Future of Democratic Consolidation and State-building: Challenges, Obstacles, and Prospects
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (ChoseinYamahata): Facilitating Democratic Consolidation and Public Participation in State-Building: Academic Diplomacy Perspective
    • 2. (PimonpanChainan): Online Political Parody: Political Communication under the Computer-related Crime Act (No.2) B.E.2560 (2017)
    • 3. (Sai Kyi Zin Soe): Impact of SEZs on Indigenous People: Disability Inclusion in Peace Process
    • 4. (Anjali K. Sharma): Smart Future Cities : challenges and opportunities
    • 5. (Donald Seekins): Economy-driven Multi-culturalism: a New Look at the 'Globalization Trap' in Colonial Rangoon (Yangon), 1852-1941