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Special Session 1. Towards a Theory of Innovation

  • Chair: Charles Edquist(Lund University, Sweden)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Mart Laatsit, Charles Edquist): Functional procurement for innovation, welfare and the environment

Special Session 2. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)-1

Special Session 3. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)-2

Special Session 4. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)-3

Special Session 5. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)-4

Special Session 6. (Confirmed)

  • Chairs: Valentina Della Corte(University of Naples FedericoⅡ, Italy) & Giovanna Del Gaudio(University of Naples FedericoⅡ, Italy)

Special Session 7. Financial Open Innovation & Management

  • Chair: Alexey Mikhaylov (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russia)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Jaehyung An1, Alexey Mikhaylov2, Keuwoo Kim3): Open Process Innovation for Operational Excellence
    • 2. (Nikita Moiseev1, Alexey Mikhaylov2):eTrading technologies and prospects under conditions of COVID-19 pandemic
    • 3. (Mikhail Dorofeev): Governmental financial regulation of socio-economic inequality: Adjusting the policies according to the exponential technological growth of financial innovations.
    • 4. (YuliyaTyurina): Innovative development of public finance in the twenty-first century: key challenges, opportunities and solutions.
    • 5. (Artur Meynkhard1, Roman Veynberg2, Oleg Litvishko3): Impact of the bitcoin mempool technology on crypto investor behavior.

Special Session 8. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Andreas Pyka(University of Hohenheim, Germany)

Special Session 9. Emergency Governance

  • Chair: Weian Li(Nankai University & Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Liang Qu,YuanjieXu,Ke Fu): Research on Emergency Governance Strategies of Multinational Companies to Deal with the Deterioration of International Relations—Based on the Empirical Analysis of Chinese Manufacturing
    • 2. (RunhuiLin,YalinLi,Ze Ji): Evaluation of regional emergency governance capacity based on REC-SEIR model: a case study of China's response to COVID-19
    • 3. (ChunyanWang,RunhuiLin,Qi Wang): The evolution of epidemic governance behaviors in typical regions of China during the COVID19 and its impact on governance effects-a comparative analysis of multiple cases
    • 4. (WeianLi,Qiankun Meng): The Coupling Mechanism of Enterprise Innovation Decision-making under Emergency State—Based on the Perspective of Administrative Economical Governance
    • 5. (Yunpeng Lu): Research on the resilience of collaborative governance between Chinese government and social organizations in public health emergencies

Special Session 10. Innovation and Digital Governance

  • Chairs: Lei Ma(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China) & Zheng Liu(Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (He Wang, Zheng Liu): The logical proof of cultivating 'Eco-man' in the new era of ecological civilisation construction
    • 2. (Xiaojing Huang): An evolutionary game research on value co-creation behaviour of digital patent platform
    • 3. (Yang Wang, Lei Ma): IP factor analysis on the innovation of cities in the Yangtze River Delta region
    • 4. (Kaitong Liang, Lei Ma, Yang Wang, Tao Li, Zheng Liu): The impact of government policy on the evolution of platform ecosystem in developing country: Case study of Chinese intellctual property intermediary
    • 5. (Yuwei Zhang, Huijie Yuan): An investigation on the community governance the context of risk society
    • 6. (Ziyi Wan, Ting Yang): Exploring the public service innovation under the supply of APP mode: Case study of My Nanjing
    • 7. (Jing Kou, Yun Zhao): Research on the urban refined governance path from technology empowerment perspective: Case study of group rental governance in Jianye District

Special Session 11. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)

Special Session 12.

  • Chair: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)

Special Session 13.

  • Chairs: Jinxi Wu(Tsinghua University, China) & Shi Lei((Tsinghua University, China)

Special Session 14.

  • Chair: Giovanni Schiuma(Università della Basilicata, Italy)

Special Session 15.

  • Chair: Seung-Hee Lee(Southern Illinois University, USA)

Special Session 16.

  • Chair: Haiyan Yan(Shanghai Univ. of International Business and Economics, China)

Special Session 17. Common Goods Open Innovation & Evolution

  • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun(DGIST, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JinHyo Joseph Yun,Euiseob Jeong, KyungHun Kim, SangWoo Kim): Collective Intelligence: Moderating effects of open access and non-open access journal
    • 2. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun, DongHa Lee, Cho Heonje(OO)): Nudge of Open Innovation Business Model
    • 3. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun, DongHoon Oh, KwangHo Jung, Hang Sik Park): Transformation of Regulation for Open Innovation Dynamics
    • 4. (JinHyo Joseph Yun, Xiaofei Zhao, Liu Zheng, Ma Lei): Open Innovation in the Smart Pay System industry: Comparing 3 economics
    • 5. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun,(OO), (OO)): Measure of Open Innovation from Financial Data

Special Session 18. HRM and Innovation Performance

  • Chair: Sang Ok Choi (Korea University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Jaeseong Kim, Sang Ok Choi(Corr.)): Does Job Training Investment Widen the Productivity and Innovation Differentials in Firms?
    • 2. (Jaeseong Kim, Sang Ok Choi(Corr.)): An Analysis on the Effects of S&T Manpower Developing Program using System Dynamics
    • 3. (Si-jeoung Kim, Sang Ok Choi(Corr.)): The Reciprocal Relationship between Financial Performance and Social Performance on Innovative Social Enterprise
    • 4. (Si-jeoung Kim, Sang Ok Choi(Corr.)): Testing the Causal Links between Government Funding, Cooperation, and Innovation Performance
    • 5. (Si-jeoung Kim, Sang Ok Choi(Corr.)): Directionality of The Associations between Product/Service Innovation and Organization Innovation

Special Session 19. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Jong-In Choi(Hanbat National University, Korea)

Special Session 20. Public Polocies and Organizations in the COVID 19 Pandemic Season

  • Chair: KwangHo Jung(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Kwangho Jung): The Black Box of Open Innovation Process: Organizations Matter.
    • 2. (Seung-Hee Lee, Jane Workman&Kwangho Jung): Wearing a Mask and Risk Perception.
    • 3. (Eunmi Lee): Beyond Covid-19: Big Data in Policy Decision Making.
    • 4. (JonghwanEun): Governing the Tension among Data Privacy, Ethics, and Big Data Industry.
    • 5. (ByeongJo Kim, Veronica Caihui Lin&Haeran Song): Digital Literacy and Economic Adaptation among North Korean Refugees.

Special Session 21. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Jeonghwan Lee(Myongji University, Korea)

Special Session 22. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Eungdo Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea)

Special Session 23. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Junic Kim(KonKuk University, Korea)

Special Session 24. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Tae-Eung Sung(Yonsei University, Korea)

Special Session 25. (Confirmed)

  • Chairs: Junghyun Yoon(Yeungnam University, Korea) & Sanghyun Sung(POSTECH, Korea)

Special Session 26. Business Model Cascading

  • Chair: JungHee Han(HongIk University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JungHee Han):The Business model Cascading; product_servitization at SMEs in Korea.
    • 2. (JungHee Han):The Servitization and value network with a focus on Smart City.
    • 3. (JungHee Han):Innovation agility under COVID-19

Special Session 27. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea)

Special Session 28. The Role of Open Innovation in University-Industry Cooperation

  • Chair: Sang Ok Choi (Korea University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Seunghoo Jin, Kangwon Lee, Sangok Choi): The effect of Industry-Academic Cooperation Program on Sustainability of Universities in Korea
    • 2. (Gyeong Min, Nam): Living Labs as regional innovation networks: University-Industry-Gov't cooperation cases in Korea
    • 3. (HyunJee Park, Kangwon Lee): A study on government R&D input and performance effectiveness: Focusing on job creation and economic performance in manufacturing
    • 4. (Seunghoo Jin, Daeyu Kim): The effect of open innovation capability on management performance : A Focus on Venture Companies in Korea
    • 5. (Woojoong Kim, SeHwan Ko, Sangok Choi, Kangwon Lee): The Factors Affecting Technology Commercialization of Government Research Institutes: Focusing on human resource

Special Session 29. Open Innovation and Business Model in Biomedical Industry

  • Chair: Kwangsoo Shin(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Harry Jeong, Seunghyun Kim, Kwangsoo Shin*, Eungdo Kim*): How does government support’s affect small firms? A case of Korean food industry
    • 2. (Jinhyun Park, Kwangsoo Shin*, Eungdo Kim*): Structural impact of network prominence and technology orientation on exploratory and exploitation innovation of biotechnology company
    • 3. (KyungtaeYeom, Changhyeon Song, Kwangsoo Shin*, Eungdo Kim*): The effect of innovation capabilities and government support on firm’s financial performance: A case of Korean medical device industry
    • 4. (Changhyeon Song, Seunghyun Kim*): When do small businesses in biotechnology industry pursue open innovation
    • 5. (Kwangsoo Shin, Hayoung Park*, SeokKwan Kim): Influence of founders’ career and corporate sponsorship on R&D and alliance strategies and performances: A study of Korean bio-medical firms

Special Session 30.

  • Chair: DongHoon Oh(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Office of Strategic R&D Planning, Korea)

Special Session 31. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Chang-Soo Sung (Dongguk University, Korea)

Special Session 32.

  • Chair: Hun Park(KISTI, Korea)
  • Theme: Open Innovation in Technology Management & Commercialization
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Harry Jeong, Seunghyun Kim, Kwangsoo Shin*, Eungdo Kim*): How does government support’s affect small firms? A case of Korean food industry
    • 2. (Myoung Jae Choi, Jongtaik Lee, Hun Park): Bio valuation using actual transaction cases and r-NPV valuation optimization analysis
    • 3. (Myoung Jae Choi, Wooseok Jang): Identifying the policy direction of National R&D Programs based on dynamic DEA analysis: The case of Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV) technologies
    • 4. (Myoung jae Choi, Hun Park, Hyuk Hahn): Effect of knowledge services on the BSC(Balance Score Scard)-based performances: Evidence from South Korea
    • 5. (Jinwoo Sim, Myoung jae Choi, Minji Kim, Jiyeon Park): A study on the analysis of candidate technology group of smart city for national R&D

Special Session 33.

  • Chair: Ben Zhang(Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Tao Huang, Yang Cheng, John Johansen&Lei Ma): The relationship between headquarters and subsidiaries and its impact on global innovation performance
    • 2. (Xinyue Zhou, Yang Cheng, Lei Ma& Olav Sørensen): Knowledge transfer from Chinese MNEs’ foreign subsidiaries to Headquarter: An explorative study
    • 3. (Ben Zhang&Lei Ma): Knowledge Diffusion Path Generated by Technological Collaborators: The Exploratory Case of the Advanced Coal Technology Consortium
    • 4. (Haibo Hu, Haitao Lu, Chunbing Mao&Meiju Fei): Research on the Process of Resource Bricolage and Organizing Improvisation in IT Innovation: A Case Study of Baida Zhongxing
    • 5. (Xiu-Fang Song): Network public opinion monitoring and guidance for major drug safety events: a case study of the Longevity Biological Vaccine
    • 6. (Dandan Yan, Zheng Liu & JinYu Cai): Research on the construction of public service platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities
    • 7. (Xiaojing Huang): Research on Regional Collaborative Innovation Platform Based on platform theory——With Nanning high tech Industrial Development Zone

Special Session 34

  • Chair: XiaoFei Zhao(DGIST, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1.(JinHyo Joseph Yun, Xiaofei Zhao, KyungBae Park, (OO), (OO)): The comedy of commons: Democratization,Participation, and OI with sustainability: Comparative analysis of 4 economies:Jeju, Amalfi, Nanjing, and Wales
    • 2. (JinHyo Joseph Yun, Yuri Sadoi, Xiaofei Zhao,(OO)): Difference and similarity of open innovation between Nitory& IKEA
    • 3. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun, DooSeok Lee, HeungjuAhn, KyungBae Park, Xiaofei Zhao): Zigzag growing dynamics of open innovation with casual loop-Difference among BMs and sectors
    • 4. (Pham Thanh Nga): The Impacts of the Sharing Economic Model on Vietna

Special Session 35. Open Innovation in Technology Management & Commercialization

  • Chair: Dongwook Kim(Seoul National Univeristy, Korea)

Special Session 36. (Confirmed)

  • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(Ewha Womans University, Korea)